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About us

Our motivation is to transform a generation of people by getting them addicted to Yoga. We invite people of our millennials to be better people, more evolved, to do more good. We believe in transformation through daily practice. We want to be part of your positive daily ritual.

Kundalini Shakti is the divine spiritual power within every human being.  Known by many names in many lands, this sacred inner presence is the divine within, the sacred light and love that illumines each of us and guides us to union with the One, the ultimate Reality beyond all phenomena, from which she is inseparable and of whom she is the subtlest manifestation.  Kundalini Shakti is each individual’s own personal spiritual director, who strives to lead us to constant awareness of the Source.  It is Kundalini Shakti who empowers our striving for spiritual attainment and who works to lead us to full spiritual realization. All human beings, regardless of era, religion, or culture, are vessels of this holy omnipotent, luminous presence that ardently urges us to cooperate with her efforts to increase our spiritual awareness and growth. It is each seeker’s task to understand how best to assist her in her dedicated service for our enlightenment.